Complete Biomechanical Laboratory with patented technology

Capable of analysing in real time and with high precision all the alterations and imbalances in the musculoskeletal system.

Dynexus Technology

Footadapt system and biomechanical laboratory

It monitors each of the movements and gestures involved during the act of walking and running, extracting a large amount of data related to the particular biomechanics of each individual.

The information obtained both statically and in motion, something no other technology in the market can do, allows for a complete and accurate diagnosis of the biomechanical imbalances that each person has.

This diagnosis is then used to design and produce the Footadapt custom insoles.

Dynexus is equiped with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

which process & interprets data

The data obtained is processed by an exclusive artificial intelligence program.

It has been trained using a database that has information of more than 400,000 patients of all ages and lifestyles and is the result of an extensive professional career in the field of medicine and sports.

Cutting-edge Technology

Footadapt has been designed and equipped with the most advanced technologies that, applied to biomechanical gait analysis, revolutionize the field of medicine and sports.

An extremely precise and reliable device that offers exact and quantifiable data not subject to personal interpretation.

Footadapt Biomechanical Laboratory Interface

Benefits for
medical professionals

Advantages of Footadapt for medical professionals

Detailed information

Obtain complete and accurate diagnoses of the biomechanical alterations that affect your patients.

Continious monitoring

Monitor your patients progress and adjust treatment as necessary according to their evolution.

Individualized prescription

Develop fully personalized and effective treatments that mitigate and/or correct the biomechanical alterations of your patients.

Injury prevention

Discovering the biomechanical alterations that pose a risk of injury will allow you to adapt your training to each particular case and situation.

Performance improvement

Studying and optimizing biomechanics in high-level athletes is crucial to achieve optimal performance and improved performance.

Better comfort

Help your clients eliminate muscle and joint pain by providing greater comfort while promoting physical activity.

Benefits for
sports professionals

Advantages of Footadapt for sports professionals

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