Custom Corrective
Footadapt Insoles

Our corrective insoles provide personalized treatments.

No two feet are alike so no two insoles should be alike.

Each pair is completely custom made based on the data provided by the medical professional who assesses with the Footadapt system and prescribes the insoles.

They improve the structures of the body that are not working properly, while stimulating muscle work through the correct positioning and function of the foot.

Custom Comfort
Footadapt Insoles

Ideal for sports and injury prevention.

These insoles provide a higher level of injury prevention and protection, which translates into improved performance and comfort.

After an assessment carried out with the Footadapt System, we obtain a complete biomechanical analysis that allows the design and production of the Footadapt Custom Comfort insoles in order to enhance stability and comfort.

Muscle and joint pain can be also improved and prevented while the general balance of the body can be improved.

*Comfort insoles are recommended for users without injuries or that do not require corrective insoles.

Footadapt Insoles Features

Manufactured with quality and environmentally friendly materials that guarantee durability and comfort.

They adapt to all types of footwear thanks to the non-slip coating that improves grip on any type of surface.

Light weight and flexible, they absorb the impact that occurs when walking or running.

Antibacterial coating that prevents the appearance of bad odors.

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Footadapt will design and manufacture your insoles so you can save time, money and focus on your core business.


Footadapt will ensure the highest standards in your insoles improving
your customer satisfaction.


Personalize the insoles with your brand and colours to stand out in the market.


Prescribe and place your order with one click while your client is still putting on his shoes.

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